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Thai Yoga Bodywork 


To book, call Jeannine:  631-488-5213

At the studio: $120

At your home: $150



What is Thai Yoga Bodywork? :
Jokingly referred to as lazy-man's yoga, Thai Yoga Bodywork is a unique modality of healing. It incorporates healing of both the physical and energetic bodies.  Thai Bodywork uses rhythmic acupressure, assisted yoga postures, reflexology and, by palming and thumbing along the 72,000 energy lines throughout the body, a total energetic clearing!  Thai Bodywork fully aligns the whole body, leaving the client feeling both relaxed and invigorated!  

What can I expect during a Thai Yoga Bodywork Session?

Thai Yoga Bodywork is performed on a soft foam mat on the floor.  During the session the client remains fully clothed.  The practitioner moves the client through different postures, palming and thumbing along the energy lines of the body.  Using a rhythmic motion, the practitioner uses elbows, hands, and feet to manipulate the muscles and clear energy lines. Using breath and touch, the practitioner works to unblock clogged energy in the body, while balancing the body, and aligning the spine.  Throughout the session, the client completely relaxes and sometimes even dozes off to sleep, encouraging even greater healing!  Soothing music and comfortable surroundings are all part of the relaxing atmosphere.

What should I do to prepare for Thai Yoga Bodywork?

Please come well hydrated, wearing comfortable clothing, as you would to yoga class.  Please come on a relatively empty stomach. Please set aside some time to relax at home after your session, so as to truly absorb the healing that has taken place in the body. 

How long is a session?

Thai Yoga Bodywork usually takes about 75 minutes.  If you are very tall, it may take 90 minutes. 


How much is the monetary investment for Thai Yoga Bodywork?                  Bodywork in the studio is $120  At your home: $150 



To book, please call or text Jeannine: 631-488-5213


Gift Certificates available!  Makes a great gift.



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