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True HOT Vinyasa 100 degrees

HOT Soul 60 - a Bikram Inspired Series- 

HOT Soul 60 is a Bikram Inspired Sequence of 26 hatha yoga poses. HOT Soul 60 is practiced in a heated room, about 105 degrees, with 50% humidity.  The sequence and heat are designed to detoxify the body on every level! HOT Soul 60 provides many benefits: increased flexibility, increased muscle strength, increased core strength, and improved joint function.  HOT Soul 60 works with the subtle body to detoxify the organs, improve metabolism, improve endocrine function, lengthen and align the spine.  You'll notice effects such as clear skin, reduced bloat, increased mental clarity and determination, and improved stress response!  You must come well hydrated, on an empty stomach (nothing to eat for 3 hours prior to class, if you must eat, eat fruit, please). You will need a mat, a towel, and water!  All of which are available for rent at the studio.

Warm Slow Flow

Warm Slow Flow is practiced in an 85 degree room. A nice, chill, easy going experience.  Great for Level 1 students through Advanced Students!  We'll deepen the breath, stretch, align, and flow in postures that range from gentle stretches to balancing asanas. Learn the western world's meaning of Vinyasa. If you are brand new to yoga, you may want to check out our classes for Beginners: Rise and Shine, Afternoon Delight, or HOT Soul 60 for Beginners. Please come well hydrated!   Mat and towel rental available.

Warm Vinyasa Flow- Level 1/2

Vinyasa means linking breath to movement, which you'll do in abundance here! This class is practiced in a 75-85 degree room.  You'll strengthen the muscles while aligning the spine and increasing flexibility!  Enjoy pranayama (breathwork) and balancing postures, including inversions and arm balances.  Have some yoga experience, or be willing to catch on during class.  This class is fun and invigorating!  Please come well hydrated.  Mat and towel rentals available. 

A truly hot experience! Detox, build strength and flexibility in a traditional vinyasa class in a heated room of 100+ degrees, humidity 50%.  Good for Level 2/3 students.  Please come well hydrated on an empty stomach.  (If you must eat within 3 hrs of class, please eat fruit!)  You must use a mat, towel, and have water, all of which are available for sale or rent at the studio.  

Warm Power Flow- 
A vigorous practice for all students, 90-95 degree room.   We'll get moving right away, practice some playful postures, including arm balances and inversions.  We'll play with heating the body through pranayama and holding postures a bit longer.  You'll want to come to class well hydrated, and on an empty stomach. (If you must eat within 3 hrs, eat fruit! )Mat and towel rental available.

HOT Yinyasa-All Levels

Students have the opportunity to drop into the mind/body connection by fusing flow and deep stretching. The focus is on breath, opening the body, and relaxing the busy thoughts, all in 60 minutes! Core strength and alignment will guide the flow, while the yin portion will include longer held poses, supported by props, to release tension and calm the mind. 95-100 degree room. All levels welcome.

Warm Yin Yang- All Levels  

A juicy class for all levels of students, where we'll explore the soft and the hard, the light and the dark, the yin and the yang.  Explore postures and breath, working with the concept of interconnectedness between opposing forces. 85-95 degree room.  Mat rental available. 

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